Deidre "Dee" Eliade is Jenny's oldest and closest friend.

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She is described as being as beautiful as an African princess, and is highly skilled in fighting and martial arts, even attempting to fight Julian himself.


She has a passion for combat and danger, and is often looking out for Jenny, encouraging her when she needs it most; Dee's martial arts techniques prove critical to Jenny's eventual plan to escape Julian. However, for all her strength and battle-prowess, Dee is unnerved by technology, which causes friction between her and her mother (a computer teacher). Jealous of Audrey's closeness to Jenny, Dee and Audrey share a strong rivalry and constantly bicker, although as they go through Julian's games, they eventually come to an understanding, fully at peace by the end of the series. Her personal nightmare involved being captured by grotesque aliens and being subjected to horrific experiments, unable to do anything to stop it.


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