Summer Parker-Pearson is a childhood friend of Jenny, described as being slight and small, with "thistledown" blond hair and blue eyes. She is often compared to a rabbit, and is designated someone that needs protecting. In The Hunter, she is the only one who does not make it through her nightmare: a room filled with piles of garbage and hideous refuse, inhabited by gigantic roaches and other insects, and howling malevolent fungi. This had been inspired by her grandmother's shock at seeing her cluttered room. She is presumed dead when she fails to emerge from her nightmare with the others, and the group is forced to undergo heavy suspicion and questioning when they return to the real world regarding Summer's disappearance. Her demise heavily impacts Jenny. In truth, for Jenny's sake, Julian secretly spared Summer's life and kept her in the Shadow World until The Kill, when she is reunited with the others in Joyland Park.